Web Development and User Experience Design

For Non-Profits and Small Businesses
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Web Development and SEO for Small Businesses

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Web Development for Non-Profits and Social Organizations

חוויית משתמש

User Experience and User Interface Design


Web Development for Small Businesses

Website development using advanced tools, that target your audience in a way that encourages people to become clients. The process includes defining the desirable user experience, while understanding your goals and requirements, and building a website that will be the platform to achieve those needs. The process of building the website will give you the opportunity to deeply understand and define your business goals towards your clients. The new website will open a new marketing route for your business and will allow you a simple way to easily update its content by yourself.

Web Development for Non Profit Organizations

Website development using the most updated tools and technology, that aim to reach and engage with your audience. The process includes user experience research and design, when we understand your goals and requirements, and building a website that will be the platform to achieve those needs. The process of building the website will give you the opportunity to deeply understand and define your message and goals towards your donors, volunteers, collaborators and the general public. The new website will open a new marketing route for your organization and will allow you a simple way to update its content independently with better exposure to your audience.

User Experience and User Interface Design

A website can succeed or fail on user experience. While working on the new UX for your website, we will ensure that your messages are well presented, that the flow is intuitive and that your website serves your goals well. In a process that lasts anywhere between a short consultant meeting up to several weeks, we would be able to define the desirable user experience on the website, and what needs to be improved in order to get there. At the end of the process, you will have an actionable plan for improving your new or existing website to reach your audience, help them understand your message, and engage with your content in a positive way.


Why Choose Us

סיכה על מפה
All in One Place

You don't need to find multiple professionals. We provide the UX, Design, Website Build, and even SEO. 

Rapid Design and Development

We don't go into multiple-months projects. What we offer takes between 30 minutes and 6 weeks. No more.

משא ומתן
Full Fit to Your Needs
לצרכים שלכם

We are flexible. We will work together to reach your unique goals.

בחור עם מחשב
Full Independence in Managing the Website

As soon as your site is live, you will be able to update its content easily by yourself. 

Working With Any Budget

We offer a wide range of services so we can always find what works your budget.

טכנולוגיה ומשתמשים
Integration of Technology and Social World

Coming from the Non-Profit world, and with our technology professional knowledge, we provide a unique combination of both worlds in one product.

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The Process

UI - Website Development
ממשק משתמש
  • Define and Map Requirements
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Build and Publish Website
  • Create Unique Theme for the Website
  • Guidance for Self Content Update
User Experience Design
  • Define Website Goals
  • Define Website's Users
  • Describe Website's Structure and Hierarchy
  • Compare Existing and Desirable UX
  • User Experience Research
  • User Interface Design

Why is it important


0.05 Seconds

the average time that it takes a website visitor to form an opinion about the company/organization.
Your visitors will want to view more.

hand with phone

91% of Websites

of small businesses are not adjusted well to mobile screens.
Your website will be suitable for every platform.


2.6 Billion Dollars

the amount that companies loose yearly because of long loading times.
We provide a smart and fast loading.


88% of Users

won't revisit a website if they did not have a positive experience.
We create websites that provide users with great experience.

Information was published in Sweor and Red Blog.



We create and upgrade websites for social organizations, non-profits, educational institutions, and small businesses, while also providing user experience design to ensure that your visitors - donors, volunteers, and clients - will understand who you are, what you do, and will want to participate in your organization.

About Me

I'm Vered, a Web Developer and a User Experience Designer. After working for a decade with non-profits, social organizations and educational institutions, I switched to technology, aiming to promote values and social impact through technology. 

I create websites with deep consideration for user experience. In parallel, I work as a lead designer in the US based company Aunalytics, which brings digital transformation through human intelligence. 

In my free time, I drink salep, run half marathons, and play Terraforming Mars.



Vered invested a lot of time and effort to reach a smart, simple, and efficient solution.

Vered developed our website with great success. Creating the website wasn't an easy task since it included audio, video, and visual data elements, on a limited budget.

Vered's work is very precise, she goes into details and doesn't compromise on the final result, all of that while sticking to the schedule and to her commitments. She is also a sharp and creative thinker, so I was able to ask for her advice for the website's content as well.

Vered continued supporting me even after the website was published, and still provides me with professional assistance.

Galit Basok

Director of Merkaz Koren, Tel Aviv

Vered consistently impressed me with her calm, focused, no-nonsense approach to user experience.

Over the several years I was able to work with Vered on multiple projects. When she received a new challenge, she simply did the research, did it well, and came back with solid answers and research-backed possibilities rather than guesses and opinions.

She embodied what I consider the true designer mindset which is the beginner's mind, and always kept the "human" at the center of the circle. 

Ben Bakelaar

Founder and Lead Designer, Human Experience Systems, NJ, USA

Vered has outstanding interpersonal relations, she sticks to the agreed schedule and is available for every need.

I contacted Vered for my business website when I had only a general and unripe idea.

Vered, patiently, professionally, creatively, and while paying attention to every little detail, turned my idea into reality and created the website, achieving great results.

Arbel Rotenberg

Economic consultant and coach for families


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